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My training program starts with the fundamentals set forth in the Clinton Anderson Natural Horsemanship Program. I have found this method of concentrated training to be very effective in developing a willing, calm, and patient partner. Each new horse is introduced to our training program with ground work, developing tools to effectively move the horse's feet forward, back, left and right. These tools will then transfer into our riding program, which first establishes a proper “stop” and “go”. Next, cues are established for walking, trotting, and cantering, followed by proper leads. Throughout the process, we build off of the fundamentals of body control and softness. 

Teaching the owner throughout the process is encouraged and recommended, as it assures a more successful transition when the horse returns home. 

Training Fees


Monthly Flat Fee: $750.00



  • Horses will be worked/ridden 5 days per week with two days off for rest.

  • Inside Board with all the listed benefits.

  • Individual program will be discussed with the owner with updates/progress reports discussed with the owner on a regular basis.

  • All vet, farrier, supplements will be billed separately and are the sole responsibility of the owner.

  • Individual lessons taken during the training period are included and count for one days ride/training. 


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