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Lesson/Show Horses

We have horses that are suited to each and every skill. We currently have riders spanning from the ages of four to seventy, with every level of experience in between. All of our horses used in the lesson program are tried and true mounts that have extensive experience in the show arena.  



Lessons are an integral part of our program. Riders of every skill level present a unique challenge for me, and I take pride in making the sessions for all of the riders fun, yet demanding. My lessons, though they are private, are given in an arena environment that is often shared with other practicing riders. I promote this integration with other riders, as I believe that seeing others that are more experienced helps with the understanding of each task/lesson. I often use the more experienced riders to demonstrate new concepts during the lesson. I always keep a watchful eye on those practicing, in an effort to keep all riders moving forward in a positive manner. I have found that this helps eliminate some of the frustration that can go along with learning/practicing new concepts, ultimately establishing a level of communication that is understandable to the horse. This watchful eye also promotes safety for both horse and rider.   


Lessons are approximately one hour in duration. Students, once confident in the process of leading the horse in and tacking them, are expected to be on their horse at the start of the scheduled lesson.

Private Lesson


Payment due at time of lesson

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