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Holly and I, along with our two children, four horses, and one cat, moved to the Whitmore Lake area in the summer of 2002. Moving to a farm was a big adjustment for the family, having alway lived in a city. Our farm has grown from the original four horses to eighteen, plus four boarders. I was first introduced to horses as a young boy at a riding stable where we would help out during the day and finish with a trail ride. Many years passed before I was reintroduced to horses by watching my eldest daughter take riding lessons at age seven at a riding facility in Brighton, Michigan. It wasn't long before I was hooked, and it has been my passion ever since.


I entered the horse show scene shortly after my re-introduction to horses. Starting out with Arabians, the arabian breed shows being my venue of choice. Since aquiring several quarter horses, I have begun to frequent the open shows in the area. I plan to start attending more quarter horse breed shows, as well.


2005 brought my first year of involvement with the Whitmore Lake Equestrian Team as a parent, and I have since become the head coach.  This involvement with the young adults of the community has been a very rewarding experience.


My horse training endeavors took a new turn with my introduction to Natural Horsemanship through programming on RFD-TV. Clinton Anderson, Craig Cameron, Chris Cox and many more helped me develop a new way of approaching each horse. This new-found understanding of how horses communicate in their environment has instilled a process in me that is both understandable to the horse and to the rider.  


Overall, our move to the farm has been nothing but a wonderful experience for my whole family, and one that I highly recommend to all.


-Robert Head

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